1. Papa Di made himself this dinosaurs castle based on B’s request. Over the weekend we bought all the materials needed: ornamental stones, color sands, bond, green carpet (1x1m) and resin.

    It turns out pretty cool! Have a nice weekend everyone.

  2. This little lady is pretty good with numbers (substraction, etc)

    And currently she’s so much into learning how to read and write. Her curiosity can kill a panda.

    September flies so fast, cant you tell? Here’s to amazing October!

  3. Several of September drawings:

    1. Pyramid of Giza
    2. Kolam Pemancingan (Fish Pond)
    3. The Aligators
    4. Another (quite boring) Elsa & Olaf

    She told me, she would like to draw the space next week (earth, sun, moon, meteors, etc.) Well, we’ll see…

  4. Playing along with batik at Pasar Mayestik Kebayoran Baru.

  5. Its sparkling blue water beckon, ever ready to offer a cooling retreat! We had pretty much fun.