Her new haircut made her look like a 3-year-old baby again and we both did complete her artbook filled with all of her drawings since 2012. It is beautiful.

Planting greens.

Sunday afternoon playing stegosaurs and the alpha.

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I took some pictures when she’s telling me about her day at sunday school.

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She. 5 1/2.

Craves for.    
     Salmon sashimi & plain udon.
     Chocolate ice cream Haagen Dazs.

Watches (+favorite character)
     Ratatouille. Emile.
     Monster Inc. Randall.
     Kungfu Panda. Master Oogway.
     Despicable Me. Minions.
     Frozen. Elsa. Olaf.
+ She also loves Tom & Jerry and Princess Sofia

JMC’s. Sunday school’s. Disney’s.

Reads (before bedtime).
105 Cerita Alkitab Anak

"Kenapa? kok…?"
     “Kakak nggak suka tidur siang”

     “Mama nggak boleh balik kerja”    
     “Kapan adik(nya) kakak keluar dari perut mama?”

     “Kas-taw-in - instead of kasih tahu

     Nothing particular. Jeans. Tee. Crocs.

     Cartoonist (she wanted to work for Disney/Pixar). Dentist.

Favorite teacher.
   Ibu Zita.

Best friend.

Outdoor Getaway.
     Swimming. Fishing.

Desired Pets.
     Dog. Cat. Fish.

     Nap time.

Favorite Day.
     Friday, because of drawing class.

     Blue. And rainbow.

     Dragon story/city. Dentist. Pet shop/hotel. PvG. Talking Ben/Gina.
     Monster Inc. GTA. Hayday. etc. etc.

Recently Googled.
     Zodiac signs.

Sleeping style.

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Her late artwork were dominated with blue.

And I love the last one…upon arrival of her new little brother/sister.

Before Aunty Septi leaving for Seoul.

for a 7 years of PhD degree in solar cell.




We did playdoh.

This is for being one of the best students in math class.

This is for being one of the best students in math class.

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